Sunmi setup

  1. Power on the device
  2. It will go right into the Cents app
  3. Don’t login
  4. Hold power button down again until the “Reboot/Power off” screen appears. Tap “Exit Kiosk” in upper right hand corner
  5. On next screen, tap 1-2-3-4
  6. Tap the “Settings” app (you may need to swipe right to see it)
  7. Go to “Network and internet” on the left and tap it
  8. Make sure “Wifi” is toggled on and tap”Wifi”
  9. Tap the network you want to join
  10. Enter in the password and tap “Connect”
  11. Adjust the timezone next
  12. Tap “System” on left and then “Date & time” on the right
  13. Tap “Select time zone”
  14. Tap “Time zone”
  15. Choose the appropriate time zone
  16. Minimize the Settings app
  17. Swipe left
  18. Tap the “Cents” app icon
  19. This will bring you back into kiosk mode
  20. Login to Cents
  21. Make sure the paper is inserted correctly
    1. Pull the tab on the side of the device that you see in the picture below to open the cover
  22. For more paper, you can order this.