Step 1: Be sure that each order that has been paid for and dropped off by a customer has been indicated whether it will be processed at your store, or at the hub.

Steph 2: When you select "Process at Hub" you will then be prompted to release the order to a driver. Feel free to close the specific order - you will be able to release it later when the driver arrives.

Step 3: When driver arrives to pick up the various bags/orders for processing at the hub, open the active orders drawer from the home-screen. Once open, click on the blue button on the top right of your tablet that reads "Release."

Step 4: After selecting the release button, you will arrive on a white screen with a list of order that are ready to be released by a driver. In order to easily release each order, press and swipe your finger to the left on a specific order. After you've swiped that order, you will simply click the blue "Release" button that appears.

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