Step 1: Have your tablet open to the Cents app home screen:

Step 2: In the top-left of your home screen, click on the button that reads "New Service Order"

Step 3 : Continue through the steps listed through the Order Creation process. These steps include:

  • Enter employee number:
  • Look for existing customers or add a new customer:
  • Weigh the order, mark as "charge per lb" if necessary, and enter the number of bags:
  • Add order notes:
  • Select your per pound or fixed price service:
  • Add modifiers if desired, and choose "Charge Later" or "Charge Now":
  • Add tip:

Step 4: When taking payment you have several options:

  • Enter card manually.
  • Mark as paid with cash card
  • Insert Card - this will activate the physical credit card reader where customers can insert, swipe, and tap their cards/phones.

If cash card is selected, enter the receipt number:

And... start processing your order!

Once processing is completed, you will be able to notify the customer via SMS:

Once the order is completed, simply click "Weigh and Complete":

Indicate if the order has been picked up:

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